Going to the Chapel…
Last weekend, I stood by my friend Jennifer as she married the love of her life. Since I was in the wedding, I obviously did not take any pictures of the ceremony (or reception for that matter), but I did manage to capture a few moments as she was getting ready.
Getting Ready 1
Elaine Harrison came in to do our hair and makeup. Not only is she super sweet and talented, but her work has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Allure and Southern Bride (just to name a few). I’m so glad I paid the big bucks to have her work her magic on me! Meanwhile, Jennifer got the royal treatment starting with a facial massage – talk about relaxed!
We got ready at Jennifer’s grandfather’s estate – I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the place…incredible. Back in the day, our family would go to his house to see the Christmas Lights – it would literally turn into a winter wonderland. That’s beside the point…the room we got ready in was full of clowns. I don’t know about you, but that many clowns in one place freaks me out. We ended up turning a lot of them around so they wouldn’t look at us. Random, right?
Getting Ready 2
Here’s more of Jennifer getting made up. She has such natural beauty that Elaine kept her look really natural. Meanwhile, I was rocking the fake eye lashes! Don’t ya just love getting all dressed up for a special occasion?
Cake Collage
And here’s Jennifer’s cake – isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Of course we had a champagne toast! Let me put in a good word for Jennifer’s Maid of Honor, Emily (you see her in the background of the photos below). Emily was the ultimate bridesmaid – she was the one that planned our incredible Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston and she made sure that our bride had everything she needed on her wedding day. What a great friend! I can’t wait to hang out with her (and of course the bride) soon!
In the Dress
Finally, it was time for Jennifer to slip into her dress…amazing, right? By the way, can you see the ring on her right finger? During rehearsal, her now husband was playing with her right hand as they were discussing the exchange of rings. When she wasn’t paying attention, he slipped the rings she was wearing off and placed a new ring on her finger…sapphire (her something BLUE!). I think he’s setting the bar rather high for future gift giving, but so sweet! So that’s all I’ve got for now – I’ll share two more photos on Sunday. And, since I didn’t take photos at the wedding, be sure to stalk photographer, Patricia Suzanne‘s website for a preview of Jennifer’s wedding day (sneak peak posted HERE).

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By the way, last Friday I posted an image of my husband and asked you to caption it. I completely forgot until now to share my favorite caption. I think the one I loved most was by L. She wrote, “Keep pushing–I need to make room in there for one more snowcone!” Thanks girl – you crack me up! And one more thing…I’m musing today so click over and see what I had to say about SHAPES!