June 11, 2011
Anonymous Selfie and a Feature
I’ve been a little slack on my self portraits the past few weeks (at least at it relates to Elena’s Selfie Saturday challenge). I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to post today either for this week’s prompt: anonymous self portrait…until I remembered taking a few “anonymous” selfies a few weeks ago. I thought this particular shot might be interesting for Jill’s “I Am Beautiful” project.
If you haven’t checked out this project, be sure you click on the button below. It is time we take back what the world has stolen from us – our worth and beauty just as we are!

Mirror Mirror RS

I think I’ve previously shared this shot during Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but again, it’s a little anonymous. I love the effect seeing my reflection in the mirror. I definitely want to spend more time taking these types of portraits – I just haven’t had time (or energy) to do so. I will tell you that there’s another “anonymous selfie” in tomorrow’s Scavenger Hunt…it’s a little weird and creepy (definitely not my intentions, but it happened).Photobucket

On another note, I recently did an interview with Branson at Reflections of Something. She posted that interview this morning…so check it out! As part of that interview, I created a new 300×150 button. Here they are, in case you want them.
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Happy Saturday!