“Do you see the sky!!??”
Friday night, we came home from dinner and I was settling in for the evening…until I got a tweet from my blogger friend Christy, over at Skinned Knees.
@christypeffly: “@AshleyRSisk Do you see the sky!!?? If I didn’t have hideous power lines in my yard I’d get my camera out!”
In case you’re wondering, Christy lives fairly close to me (even though we’ve yet to meet in person)…thus the reason she asked if I saw the sky. We don’t have much of a view from our backyard, but I immediately got up from the couch…camera in hand, and walked outside. Unfortunately, I caught the tail end of sunset, so my SOOC shot felt a bit flat and desaturated. Fortunately, I was able to bring back the tones in Adobe Camera Raw and CS5. 
Isn’t it beautiful? And because I know that my photography purest friends will prefer to see the SOOC, you can mouse-over to see my SOOC shot.

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Happy Tuesday!