June 30, 2011
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Edit Me!
This week’s Edit Me Challenge is extra special. Since the 4th of July is even bigger than Christmas for Branson’s family, she’s decided to be our judge this week! She also suggested that we try adding text to this image…which only seemed appropriate. Here’s my edit:
Flag Edit
I have already seen some incredible edits – everyone is really rocking this challenge. I decided (once again) to try something a little different and stretch the canvas (discussed HERE). Thus, I turned a vertical shot into a horizontal shot. After inverting the image (I’ll talk more about this on Sunday), I applied a combination of actions and textures including: 
Of course, I also added scripture and I’m sure I did something else but I didn’t take good notes. So, what do you think? Here’s the original shot in case you didn’t see Branson’s original challenge page. For more beautiful edits, be sure to check out Branson’s blog.
My Reflection of Something