June 02, 2011
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Over the past week, I’ve had the honor of being featured on several other blogs. Since two are posting today, I thought I’d give those blogs a little love. First up: Alita Jewel’s Treasures.
For the past week, Alita’s clan has  been moving into their new home. Rather than leave her blog space quiet, she has asked several very talented guest writers and artists to share their visions and words about home – and she included ME! Be sure you click the image above and give her guests a little love (cough cough – come see me). I hope you will enjoy the delightful stories of home sweet home from each of these very creative and inspiring bloggers…and if you like good music, keep your speakers on!

Next up…Tammy at Don’t Blink! Tammy is a 37 year-old happy wife, working mommy, loving daughter, caring sister and supportive friend. She and her husband have been thru all of the trial and tribulations of having children, but have been blessed with two little girls from foster care. Their life is anything but simple. However, the smiles of their little girls make their crazy roller coaster life worth every up and down they’ve endured along the way. Click HERE to read my interview.

Finally, on Wednesday I was interviewed at The Five Subject Notebook.  Bethany is such a sweetheart and I love the name of her new blog. When asked about the name of her blog, she writes, “Ever since I was little, I’ve had tons of notebooks and diaries, and have finished none of them. But this blog will be like my new notebook, only it doesn’t have a limit on pages and I probably won’t get rid of it. The reason why it’s called ‘The Five Subject Notebook’ is because five subject notebooks are so big.” Seriously adorable…right? 

To celebrate the start of her new blog, she is hosting a link-up party. “There will be interviews, guest posts, tips, videos, random posts, more link-ups, maybe a photo challenge or two, and maybe some more amazingly fun stuff!!” Be sure to check out her blog – you can click HERE to find out more about the link-up and click HERE to see my interview.

Giveaway at Ramblings and PhotosWhile you’re here…don’t forget to enter week two of my Thank You Giveaway series. Last week, I gave away one spot in Faith’s Simply Photography e-course. This week I am giving away one print by JM PhotoArt. AND, I have three more weeks of awesome giveaways that you won’t want to miss. 

Have an awesome Thursday! If you’re looking for Shoot and Edit…CLICK HERE.