I’m On Fire!
On Monday, I came home from work and noticed that our house was a bit warmer than usual. I walked upstairs and my suspicions were correct…our HVAC system was on the fritz. So yesterday, at 8 o’clock on the dot, I called to make an appointment. As if a summer day in North Carolina wasn’t hot enough, a summer day without air conditioning is for the birds!
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UPDATE: I should probably have updated this post before going to bed last night. Our AC was fixed yesterday afternoon for the low price of $300. From what I understand, it could have been a lot worse, so I’m thankful to have it fixed!
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On another note, this week’s Little Somethings’ theme is “Favorite Photo in June.” I really love this self-portrait…so much so that I made it my new banner!
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Finally, I bet you’re all interested in who won the customer camera strap cover from Rachel at and then, she {snapped}? There were 314 entries…that’s a whole lot of Happy Birthdays! Congratulations to #49, Grace Louise!

While I’m here – if you’re interested in winning a signed 8×10 print of my photo, 1000 Cranes, be sure to visit my friend Emily over at Just the 2 of Us…and a Cat! In addition to my print, you’ll also win four hand-made coasters from Emily’s etsy shop and a set of 12 custom cupcake flags (yum, cupcakes). I also just got a note from Katelyn over at In Our Sea of Love (facebook – Loops of Love) – she is giving away the cutest sock monkey and matching hat. After hosting Zander and Henry, I’d love my very own sock monkey! Adorable.