In Love: Mary and Enrique
On Saturday morning, we attended Mary and Enrique’s wedding at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. You may recall (if you’ve been following me for any time) that my husband proposed to me at Duke Gardens on June 5, 2008…so it was quite a special day. 

During wedding ceremonies, I do my best not to take over the photographer’s job…but, I was able to capture a couple of shots from my seat in the audience. This was one of my favorites – the kiss! Granted, I could have cropped in closer, but I love the natural framing created by the people in front of me.
Considering the photography rut I’ve been in lately, I was excited to try both a clean and creative edit on this shot (if you mouse over the shot above, you can see my clean edit). The clean edit started in Adobe Camera Raw, followed by the Coffeeshop Blog’s Perfect Portrait 3 (love this action) and then Florabella’s Lux II – Tuesday at 30% opacity. My creative edit built from Perfect Portrait 3. I then reduced the size of the image (down to 1500 pixels) and created a duplicate layer. On the duplicate, I applied Pixel Bender’s oil painting filter. I adjusted the settings so the effect was really subtle. I then removed most of the effect from the couple. I love the romance that it creates!

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Which edit do you prefer? I’ve also included the SOOC shot below for comparison.
Mary and Enrique-Original RS
Happy Tuesday!