Wandering the World with ZANDER!
Wandering the World with Zander This past weekend, I had the opportunity to host Zander, a sock monkey who has heart full of love for children with special needs. He is just one part of the much larger FAITH Project, founded by Amy Gomes. Click HERE to read more about the project. As a result of Amy’s inspiration, Wandering the World with Zander was created.

It was through that Kayla Faye of Struttin’ My Stuff Photography launched Wandering the World with Zander. Amy’s mother, Bonnie Estell, hand-stiched Zander for the project. Kayla then gathered a group of photographers and friends from all around the world who have volunteered their time and skill to photograph Zander, as he travels around the world from photographer to photographer and friend to friend. Kayla will then compile these photos into a book that will be published via Blurb, and the proceeds from the sale of these books will go directly to the FAITH Project. 

On Monday, Zander hit the road for his next visit…but his trip is hardly over. Anyone can sign up at anytime. Kayla is still accepting submissions so be sure to click over and sign up today! Here’s just a taste of our weekend:
IMG_5162 RS
Zander in the car.

IMG_5212 RS
Zander hanging out on the front step.

IMG_5215 RS
Zander loves his teddy bear.

IMG_5210 RS
Where’s Zander? Silly monkey…you’re in the tree!

IMG_5169 copy 2 RS
Zander loved hanging out by the window.

IMG_5423 RS
True to being a monkey, Zander also loved hanging on the fence.

IMG_5249 RS
Ted enjoyed having Zander around.

IMG_5415 bw-RS
Me and Zander – I’ll miss you! (this shot being entered into Allie and Mikayla’s Photography Challenge)
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