A Summer Evening (with Kitty Paw)
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I often complain about North Carolina summers. You’d think that having a summer birthday, I’d be a bit more excited about summertime, but it’s nearly the opposite. I suppose that hasn’t always been the case. I used to spend my summers in a swimsuit at Camp Don Lee. I hardly remember it being so hot and humid then…although, I guess it didn’t really matter considering we wore so little clothing. My skin would turn golden brown during those summers.
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In my adulthood, summers aren’t nearly as fun…summer days are just like any other day. I still have to go to work and my skin is much more sensitive to the sun (either that or I’m much more educated about the harmful effects of the sun). I remember just months ago hearing so many bloggers begging for summer – not me. And although I enjoy pictures of pool time and slip-n-slides, I’m desperately waiting for Autumn to reappear.
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I took this particular shot from under our couch.
All that in mind…there’s one thing about summer that makes my heart sing: the light of a summer evening. No longer must I rush home to capture the last moments of daylight. I can work a full day, get a good workout, come home, take a shower…and still have a few hours to enjoy the sun. Kitty Paw loves it too. She especially loves when I open the windows and doors. (This is my favorite photo because I love that it’s a unique perspective – the framing of the couch and the processing makes it a little more interesting.)
Favorite Fridays at Skinned Knees
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Also linking up with Hallie Westcott for 50mm Friday.
I guess it’s moments like these that cause me to slow down and enjoy each day…even the really hot and humid ones. Besides, it won’t be too long until winter returns, our days disappear and I join the rest of the world wishing for summer.
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Happy Friday!
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