A World of My Own…
Since last week’s Good to Wow tutorial, I’ve been playing with the Invert function…and because it’s so hot outside, I’ve been dreaming of Fall temperatures. As a result, I’ve taken a dip in my October 2010 archives…specifically in my NC State Fair archives.
World of Nonsense RS
I’m not exactly sure what this quote says about my life right now (actually, I think I do know, but that message is far from complete), but this quote by the Mad Hatter really struck a cord with me. What I do know is that I’m so glad I don’t have to live in a world of my own…that really would be nonsense.
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If you haven’t tried the invert tool, I strongly encourage a little experimentation. I also encourage you to experiment with your blending modes. Changing your blending modes while working with textures is great but I’ve recently learned that changing your blending modes while working with other adjustment layers adds some very interesting effects.

Here’s what I did in post-processing to achieve the image above…starting with a clean-processed image from last year: 
  • High Pass Filter – Overlay @ 100%
  • High Pass Filter – Multiply @ 50%
  • Invert Adjustment Layer – Lighten @ 100%
  • Gradient Map Adjustment (Red/Green) – Soft Light @ 42%
  • Text
  • Aurora texture by Kim Klassen – Multiply @ 42%
What do you think? Here’s my original image. I still really love the processing and tones, but was in a playful mood. Either way, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
IMG_7419 RS