Echinacea Magnus (aka Cone flowers)
I DO NOT have a green thumb. In fact, if you see any beautiful flowers appearing on my blog, I am not to be credited. I’m doing good if I can simply water them. I know that may sound easy enough, but I tend to forget.
Magnus 2 RS
Actually, these Echinacea Magnus blooms (sure you could call them Coneflowers, but isn’t Echinacea Magnus much more fun to say…try that 10 times), were found in my parents’ backyard. Last weekend, I found myself wandering around the backyard after spending the day visiting family (lunch with Grandma and a hair appointment with my sister…that was a first). It was so beautiful (temperatures in the mid 80s instead of 100s) that I couldn’t help but enjoy it…with my camera.
Magnus 1 RS
Moments later, my sweet sister pulled up in the drive way with a strange look on her face. “What are you doing?” “Just taking pictures.” “You’re weird.” It’s moments like this that make me miss home. Have a great weekend!
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