July 18, 2011
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Edit Me!
This week’s EDIT ME challenge is sponsored by Mandy at A Sorta Fairytale. As soon as I saw her little boy, I got a little nervous. You see, I really admire Mandy’s work. Her SOOC shots are pretty close to perfect and her edits are seamless. As you can see by the date on this post…I kinda dragged my feet because I wanted to do her photo justice (not that I don’t go into every edit with that mindset, but you know what I mean). Anyways, here’s my edit:
Mandy Edit ARS Blog
Like most edits, I started in Adobe Camera Raw, but there wasn’t much that needed to be done there (thanks Mandy). I then ran a pretty clean edit and tried really hard not to blow out my red channel (I think I still did – that baby skin is so difficult not to blow out). While I was running my clean edit, I made sure to define Bennett’s eyes a bit more using Morgan Kervin’s Eye Love 2.

From that point, I combined a few actions including: 
I then decreased my yellow saturation to -18, resized/sharpened for the web and used another frame from The Album Cafe. The template has space for a logo – I replaced that with a quote. What do you think? And just for comparison, here’s the original:
Have a great Monday!