Hosta…in Bloom!
Last year (well, I think it was last year…time seems to fly, so it quite easily could have been two years ago), my husband gave our front yard a makeover. As part of that makeover, he added hostas in between our shrubbery and perennials. We’ve really enjoyed watching them grow. Unfortunately, just as they are about to sprout more than leaves, something (namely Bambi or Thumper) comes along and eats the blooms…that is until last week (and by this point, this one plant should have full blooms). It makes me so happy to see our little hostas finally in bloom.

I actually started working on this photo last week, but decided to save it for this week when I saw Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday was to include one of her newest textures, Aurora. Mouse-over to see my original shot. My recipe includes: 

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Have a wonderful Tuesday!