Hot Days, Peach Tea and Snail Shells
It has been an incredibly hot (and humid) week. Normally, as long as I’m indoors, it doesn’t bother me. This week was the exception…our HVAC at work was less than accurate.
The Door RS

78 degreesI’ve been complaining about the air conditioning for over a month. My manager and I have this ongoing battle with the AC. He comes in fairly early, turns it down (below what’s recommended but I’m not sure it matters considering I never see it go below 74) and then we watch as the temperature steadily increases.

This week, it seemed to be getting warmer than usual. Since my manager was out of the office, I decided to put up a fight. I’m sure that our office manager was up to her eyeballs with me but it was unbearable. In fact, on Wednesday when I left the office, it was 79. I managed to capture the temperature at 78. As you can see, I turned it down to 72 (I’ve been told not to go below 72 to avoid freezing the system). I think it was 100+ degrees outside…110 heat index.

Vintage Tea
The HVAC guy actually made an appearance on Wednesday morning. He tells me, “I was just up on top of the roof and everything seems to be working good. I can’t fix it if it’s not broken. And since your office has a window, it’ll naturally get hotter than an interior office. If the temperature gets over 76 degrees, let me know.” 

Like I said, it was 79 degrees when I left Wednesday afternoon. Luckily for me (as it relates to building my case), I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable. My coworker (directly beside me) walks out of his office and asks if the heat is on. I then hear that the bathrooms are quite toasty…even worse, the mail room is so hot you can feel it as soon as you open the door (I checked, I wouldn’t dare go in). I think someone was playing a dirty trick on us. NOT COOL…no pun intended. No amount of peach tea was going to cool me off, that’s for sure.

Anyways, I left Wednesday afternoon hoping that it would work itself out by Thursday morning. You can imagine my disappointment when I walked into the office to see that our temperature was still 79 degrees. I almost turned around and walked back out, for real. As I rounded the corner, there was our office manager…she’s not happy. It wasn’t long before the HVAC guy was back on the hall.
Snail Shell RS
Get this…he ACCIDENTALLY hit a wrong button – probably the HEAT! Luckily, once he made a few adjustments, I felt a little circulation and it started cooling off. Did it ever reach 72? No, but I would have been happy with 74.

Anyways, I’m totally over it – it feels good to get that off my chest. I think all this heat has been affecting my creativity, but I am bound and determined (gosh, that sounds southern) to get over it. Actually, yesterday was 15 degrees cooler so I was able to get outside for a little while…I even captured this snail shell. My guess is that the snail got so hot, it abandoned it’s shell. It’s actually really pretty. Okay, enough of my rambling…have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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