July 26, 2011
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Putting Together the Pieces
Today, I am guest posting at Amber’s Articles. She asked me to go a little deeper into my journey of faith…I’ve done just that. Click HERE to read my story. 
Puzzle 6 Serenity
While I’m here, I also want to use this space as the start of my “photojournal.” As you know, I am taking Kat’s Starting the Journey e-course. Each week we’re given one question to consider as part of our photography journal…and then pair that with an image (if one comes to mind). This week’s question is “why do I photograph?” 

For those of you that have been with me from the very beginning, you know that I bought my first DSLR in an effort to create a hobby for myself following our wedding in October 2009 (I also had a ton of unused credit card points, so it made the purchase a lot easier). I’m not sure I really had a game plan…I just wanted to learn how to take decent photographs so that when the time came, I could take professional-like images of our family. Oddly enough, I don’t necessarily prefer to take photos of people (although I’m learning).

Take this puzzle piece for example. My mom and I were putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle – I quickly got bored with the exercise and picked up my camera. I’m not even sure I thought as much about the puzzle pieces themselves (be sure to click over to my guest post to see the rest of the set) as much as I thought about the story they were telling. So, when I consider my photography motivations…I know that it’s not so much the image that inspires me, but more the stories behind the photos that I’m chasing. Interestingly enough, my parents always thought I’d be a writer. They actually thought I’d write children’s books (maybe one day). For now, I am content and inspired to tell the story…my story…though photography.