Quarterly Top Five: Kitty Paw!
The other day, Amber encouraged me to share my top five favorite (for the months of April, May and June) photos of Kitty Paw. This will be my first time participating in the quarterly challenge…and I’m not sure why I waited until the second quarter to jump in. I guess I’m a slow start.
Kitty Paw in the Sun 1 RS
I have a few shots of Kitty Paw basking in the sun, but I love how the light makes her black coat glow in this particular shot. I also really like the processing I used.
Kitty Paw in the Closet RS
This is so typical Kitty Paw – she just loves to lay on her favorite orange blanket. We only bring it out during the winter months so she has to sneak into the closet the rest of the year.
Natural Frame RS
I really love the framing of this shot. She wouldn’t normally sit by this door because the blinds are usually closed. For whatever reason, I opened all the blinds to allow the light in and she jumped at the chance to sit at the back door.
Upside Down RS
This is a previously unshared photo, taken just last week. When I came home the other day, my husband was upstairs on the phone. So, I sat downstairs with Kitty Paw as she enjoyed the sunlight. I think she’s starting to understand what I want when I pull out the camera and will actually pose. I love this upside down look.
Paper Heart Photo
Kitty Paw and the Hippo RS
Finally, I shared this photo during the Scavenger Hunt. I hadn’t planned for Kitty Paw to be in this shot, but when she came up to give her Blue Hippo a kiss, I was glad I had my camera ready.
Well – that was fun. I’m not sure why it took me so long to link up, but I’m glad Amber encouraged me to do so. Thanks girl! Be sure to check out everyone else’s Quarterly Top 5 Photos by clicking above. The next link up will launch at the end of September. Happy Wednesday!
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