Sweet Treat
The girls at the office and I have been talking about treating ourselves to a cupcake for weeks. Last Friday, to kick off our holiday weekend…we finally went to Gigi’s Cupcakes. It was absolutely worth the wait!
Cupcake Collage
Apparently, there is a proper way to eat a cupcake – who knew?! Gigi’s suggests that for maximum cupcake enjoyment, flip the cupcake over in your bowl and eat with a fork or spoon. I’m not sure it matters how you eat it, these cupcakes are like eating a little piece of heaven. We’ll definitely be going back!
After eating my Peanut Butter Cup, I was tempted to bring a box-load home for the weekend. Instead, I decided to just bring one cupcake home for my husband. I’m so sweet (and mean…who brings their husband a girly cupcake?!). Mouse-over to see my SOOC shot.

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Happy Tuesday!