The Muffin Experiment
Last week, I was blog hopping and saw a recipe for banana and chocolate chip muffins. This immediately prompted a trip to the grocery store. Unfortunately, once I got to the muffin aisle, my enthusiasm for baking from scratch disappeared and I found a .99 cent bag of ready-mix blueberry muffins.
Muffins 1 RS
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Don’t get me wrong, they were tasty, but I should have stuck to my guns and made the banana and chocolate chip muffins. In fact, I fully plan to execute my plan…um, this weekend.
Muffins 2 RS
More than anything, this little baking experience provided a refreshing break from the summer heat and new photographic subject material. Who knew that sitting in front of the oven with a camera could be so much fun!
Muffins 3 RS
It even occurred to me that I might finally learn how to cook if I attached photography to it. Granted, I’ll never be the next Martha Stewart or Ree Drummond (and I don’t really see myself becoming a food photographer), but I’ve been known to do just about anything for a good picture.
Muffins 4 RS
Why not add “become domestic” to the list?! Don’t get too excited honey (directed at my husband), there’s probably going to be a mess in the kitchen, but it’ll be fun…right?
Muffins 5 RS
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And, so what if my blueberry muffins are dinky (when the directions say fill 3/4 full, ignore them…go ahead and fill those muffin tins up!), at least I was inspired to take more pictures. Then again, did I really need the excuse?
The Paper Mama Dear Crissy and then, she {snapped}  Photobucket Paper Heart Photo
Alright, enough rambling…have a great Wednesday!