Locked Up!
Kitty Paw - Locked UP RS Kitty Paw has been doing this thing lately where she puts herself in “jail.” Jail can either be between the pegs of my makeup stool (I’ve had this stool since my 9th grade Debuette presentation…if you’re not from the South, this might not make sense to you. It was made so that when I wore my big ball gown, that I could sit without wrinkling my dress. I now use it in the bathroom to do my makeup) or between the legs of one of our dining room table chairs.

Anyways, she used to greet us at the back door when we came home from work or sleep with us at night. Now…she just curls up in between the legs of my stool. You’ll also notice the ribbon hanging on the stool and the toy on the left – perhaps this is also her play pin. Whatever the case, I wish she’d come back and sleep with me.