The Day Planner
Last week, Kat asked those of us who are taking her Starting the Journey e-course to write about why we photograph in our photojournals. What an eye-opening experience. She later asked us to start pulling some of our favorite photos (from the past 2-3 months) into an inspiration folder. I’ve never though to literally pull my favorite images into a separate folder but I noticed a trend…I noticed that 1) I love to fill the frame, 2) I really like to use negative space and 3) I prefer to use a wide aperture.
IMG_6375 RS
With that in mind, she then asked us to take a familiar object or place (something that likely was repeatedly represented in our inspiration folder) and photograph it from multiple perspectives. And by multiple…she meant 50+ photos. I started by selecting a location in my house that I regularly use…the light by the windows in our dining room and office.
Planner Collage
I practice this exercise on a regular basis, but I rarely take more than a few shots before I upload them to my computer, edit and post to my blog. This time, I think I took 54 shots before reviewing my work and the only reason I stopped was because I had a kink in my neck (ouch). I also used THREE lens (50mm, 18-55mm and 105mm) during this exercise to further change my perspective. Yeah, you heard me right…I even pulled out the kit lens for its wide angle.
IMG_6402 RS
As you may or may not have determined, I decided to photograph my day planner…my NEW day planner. I’ve been saying for a while that I couldn’t wait for the year to finish out so I could get a new day planner. The one I’ve been using for the past year is a bit messed up, but it’s gotten the job done. Well, my mom heard my plea and picked up a really cute Lilly Pulitzer planner for me (the adjoining shop to her’s carries them).
IMG_6424 RS
This new planner is completely awesome…and considering that I will be carrying it with me EVERYWHERE, it only made since to photograph it. As a part of this exercise, Kat asked us to pay attention to the way the exercise made us feel.
IMG_6414 RS
Interestingly enough, I found myself paying really close attention to the light. There were several compositions that I had high hopes for, but the light was kind of yucky. I also found myself slipping into storytelling mode. If this were not a photojournal post, I’d likely be using these photos to tell a different story…that’s just how my brain works. Either way, I really enjoyed this exercise. I probably would have done this photo shoot without being prompted, so thanks Kat for this assignment. I’m not sure that I’d do anything different in the future – okay, I might eat before shooting. Happy Tuesday!