Sisk Family European Vacation: London, Day 3 – The London Eye
As you know, I am still sharing my photos from our Family (er…me and my husband) Vacation to Europe. If you’ve missed any of our previous photos, click HERE
IMG_7588-2 RS On day three of our trip, we decided to meet up with my friend Kirstin (you may or may not know Kirstin as one of the Mortal Muses) and her son, Miles, at The London Eye. 
IMG_7596 RS It was rather cool and windy that day, but the rain held out so we were ready to go. Miles and I immediately hit it off. After a brief introduction, I asked I could hold his hand. He agreed. Apparently this is NOT typical behavior.
IMG_7599 RSFor the record, I have plenty of views from our bubble, but I became completely intrigued while watching Miles. The curiosity of a child is contagious.
IMG_7610 RSI’ve also been experimenting with a few new Lightroom Presets by Nellis. I used them to process the photos of Miles and I’m really liking them. If you want to test drive them yourself, click HERE.
IMG_7598 RSTomorrow I’ll either share views from The London Eye or a few of my favorites from The British History Museum. I guess you’ll have to come back and find out which direction I go.
IMG_7628 RSHave a great Tuesday!