Annual Blogger Meet-Up with the Naptime Momtog
On Friday, I met up with Sarah (aka the Naptime Momtog) and her family after they finished up with a doctor’s appointment. I shared a few of my photos on Sunday, but did not share this one of her son Carsyn.
Carsyn 1011 RS
His eyes really do sparkle like that…it’s crazy. I also have to be sure not to over-sharpen them…even with my typical processing, they always seem too sharp to me. If you want to see more photos from our time together, go over to Sarah’s page. My favorite is the one of me with her older son Dustyn.
Ashley and Sarah 1011 RS
Interestingly enough, this particular visit was kinda like my one-year anniversary of meeting Sarah. Last year, we met up for the first time at the NC State Fair. To commemorate the event, of course we had to take a picture (it was really windy that day…and for some reason I look exhausted).
By the way, I obviously did not take the photo of me and Sarah. Whenever I hand over my camera, I set up the shot and adjust my settings. I then give brief instructions for those not used to using DSLR. At the most basic level, be sure to teach the “photographer” how to focus. Remind them to focus on the eyes. You may also have to tell them to look through the viewfinder (since P&S cameras have trained people to hold cameras away from the body). If you don’t like their composition, you can always crop or adjust later.