Feels Like Home
Earlier this week (Shoot and Edit: Week 42 – Memories SOOC), I shared one of my favorite memories from a revisit visit to my in-laws. Yes, it is out-of-focus, but I think it adds a feeling of nostalgia. The more I look at this image, the more I love it. It reminds me family…more importantly it is a glimpse of what life is going to look like when we have our own family. It won’t necessarily matter where we live, home will always be the place where I’m surrounded by those that I love the most (by the way, while writing this post, I couldn’t help but to listen to THIS SONG).
Jeremy Pushes Carter RS

Mosaic MuseSpeaking of “home,” every other Friday, to wrap up the theme from the prior two weeks, the Mortal Muses will be featuring a mosaic of some favorite shots from the flickr pool. It’s also our turn to share our interpretations of the current theme – “home” So, link up your blog posts or flickr photos HERE between now and Sunday night. This is a great opportunity to become part of our community…and maybe even meet a few new photographers. I’m also linking up my edited photo with the following memes: 
IMG_9053 Compare
I forget exactly what I did in my edit, but I definitely wanted to bring that warm glow of the later afternoon sun. What do you think? Also,  be sure to check out Michelle’s tutorial on creating text photo collages if you haven’t already – very cool. Have a great weekend!
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