October 10, 2011
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Shoot and Edit: Week 40 – Leaves SOOC
Welcome to the 40th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 1. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes and past tutorials. This week our theme or prompt is “Leaves” (this is just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot…much like I did this week). You have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up on Jill’s blog. On Thursday, you can link up your edits with ME after following some of my tips on how to edit your shots (or just post your edit on Thursday and you can pick up my tips for next week).
I’ve had this week’s photo(s) ready for a few weeks now. You’ll notice that I’m once again sharing two SOOC shots. There’s nothing really different about their histograms, but one of the photos is tilted, while the other is more of a straight shot. As a general rule of thumb, I try not to tilt my photos since a tilted shot tends to make people look like they are falling out of the frame. However, I think it works here.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 08 09.48

I have a special treat this week…and an invitation. Misty from Through a Photographer’s Eyes has recently started a meme called “Tutorial Tuesday.” Considering that I’ve been struggling to write fresh editing tutorials these past few weeks, I asked her if she’d be interested in sharing with us this week. So…she’ll be sharing with us on Thursday. 

With that in mind, I also invite anyone who is interested in writing a guest editing tutorial to send me an email…or at least provide more ideas for tutorials. Of course, I’ll still edit my photos and probably post on Wednesday evening…or something like that. Either way, be sure to check out other “Leaves” SOOC shots at:
Good to WOW

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