Zan turns Two Months Old: Sneak Peek!
Do you remember THIS LITTLE GUY? When I first met Zan, he was only eight days old…now he’s two months old and getting bigger every day. He’s also still crying…just kidding.
Zan 2 Months WEB-8
We decided to meet up at the family farm to take advantage of a cooler day and beautiful autumn colors. Zan’s mom also thought it’d be a good idea to get some photos of Zan in his bat costume. He was not having it. Of course, as soon as they took it off him, he was much happier.
Zan 2 Months WEB-9
You know what else makes Zan happy? His Granddaddy. We were actually talking about who Zan looked like on the way up to the farm. I thought maybe his father, but his mom was sure that he looked more like her dad. The more I looked at the two together, I can definitely see it.
Zan 2 Months_18-15 blog
Outfit change! Doesn’t Zan look adorable in his argyle sweater? I think mom looked for a sweater vest, but they don’t make them that small. How funny would that have been?!
Zan 2 Months_32 BLOG

Zan 2 Months_24-29 blog
This particular photo really cracks me up. Zan didn’t want to hold his head up when we laid him on his belly, but look how easily he can sit up in his bumpo? He’s giving me his best Popeye impression (and if you don’t get that reference, I am officially old).
Zan 2 Months_62 blog
After taking a bunch of family portraits with Zan’s extended family (still in the middle of processing those), Zan and his parents snuck away for a little cuddle time. Such a sweet moment.
Zan 2 Months WEB-65
And that’s all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend!