Cotton Candy Skies
For the past few days, I’ve been working on our European Vacation photo album. At 59 pages, I think I’m nearly ready to purchase (maybe I should add one more page to make it an even 60). I was sharing the album with a coworker when he started asking questions about my camera. He asked if I had it on me…in which case, I swiftly pulled it out of my Jo Totes purse. He then asked if I carry it everywhere, in which case I responded YES! Yes it’s heavy and yes my back often hurts (one more reason that I really should get an i-phone), but can you imagine driving out for dinner (well my husband was driving…I don’t condone shooting and driving – not very safe) and spotting cotton candy skies like the ones below and NOT having your camera on you?
November Sky 1 RS

November Sky 2 RS

November Sky 3 RS

November Sky 4 RS
I think I’ve made my point. So…the lesson in this is – bring your camera with you everywhere…DSLR, i-phone, point and shoot…whatever. You never know when that beautiful moment will emerge.
Skywatch Friday   
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