Eric and Stephanie – Sneak Peek!
As I mentioned yesterday, while at the beach this weekend with my family, I took the opportunity to photograph my brother and sister with their significant others. In the case of my brother, it was the first time meeting his new girlfriend, Stephanie. It just so happens that today is her birthday…so, Happy Birthday Stephanie!
IMG_9874 RS
This was really my first time photographing my brother for more than a quick snapshot, so I treated it as if it was a client session…meaning that I used Pinterest last week to collect a few ideas (even took notes).
IMG_9879 RS
That little bit of extra prep time really paid off…it also helped that I brought my self-confidence to the beach…and that my brother and his girlfriend seemed so natural in front of the camera.
IMG_9940 RS
Much like my sister and her boyfriend’s session, it was quite windy. Fortunately, the mid-morning sun kept us warm.
IMG_9912 BW-RS
Apparently it was so warm that I took off my jacket. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in some pretty awkward positions in order to capture that perfect moment. In my case, that’s sitting/almost laying on the ground. Of course, my husband makes a point to stand by with his cell phone to take pictures of me taking pictures.
IMG_9891 RS
Do you see where I’m going with this? Yep – my husband is holding onto a photo of me and my butt-crack. For the record, I will kill him if this photo makes an appearance on the web. On second thought, I should probably wear granny panties when I’m shooting.
IMG_9953 BW-RS
Believe it or not, I really had no intentions of saying much in this post…clearly I don’t know how to participate in a “Wordless Wednesday.” Hopefully I make up for it with pretty pictures – the shot above and the shot below are probably my favorites.
IMG_9926 RS
Finally, it wouldn’t have been a Halloween weekend if we didn’t take a few silly photos. These “glasses” were a huge hit!
IMG_9960 BW-RS
I think that about covers it – I can’t wait to share more photos from my weekend with you on Friday. Have a great Wednesday!