In the spirit of Thanksgiving…I have a lot to be thankful for. In particular, I am thankful to have friends all over the country…friends like Kat who will drive four hours to meet up with me for an afternoon…friends whose families are willing to come along for the ride…and coworkers willing to join the adventure.
Oregon Bench Shot RS
Yep – I got to meet my friend Kat in the flesh on Sunday afternoon…along with her husband and son. After grabbing a bite to eat, we drove over to a local park by the river for a little photo walk. Of all things we wanted to accomplish, we decided that a “bench shot” was at the top of the list. As you might imagine, I couldn’t just smile like a normal person.
Kat and Ashley on a Bench RS
I am so far from normal, it’s not even funny…or maybe it is. Either way, I took a ton of photos on Sunday and now it’s just a matter of processing them. If I wasn’t with clients all day and all night in the case of last night, that’s exactly what I’d be doing (in addition to responding to all of your awesome comments). So that’s all I’ve got for now…but stay tuned.
 Have a great Tuesday!