Mission Impossible
Stone Girls111 bw-rsThis past Friday, I met up with one of my favorite families to capture this year’s highly coveted Christmas card photo. Last year’s photo was such a success (on the right) that we went on a mission to top it. As it turns out…our mission was nearly impossible…a result of a completely uninterested (nearly) two year old.

The following photos make me laugh. However, I guarantee that their mother is cringing right now. Her last words to me before we departed were “please reassure me that there is at least one good shot.”  I guess you all can be the judge of that, but I really do promise that there are countless Christmas card worthy shots.

IMG_0909 RS
There’s really no posing a two year old. It’s best if you just stay prepared with camera in hand. Thank goodness that her two older sisters were so willing to play along with whatever I asked of them.
IMG_0970 BW RS
Like I said earlier…on Friday, I’ll be sure to share a few more of their better moments. But let’s be honest…it’s moments like these that always end up staying on the refrigerator long after the holidays have passed.
IMG_1044 RS
I mean, look at their faces…could it get any better? I can’t help but laugh! I wonder if any of these blooper moments will make the Christmas card. Do you have a favorite?
IMG_1065 BW RS
And this last shot…I actually have several shots in this “pose” to choose from. It’s just that the look on the little one’s face is way too funny to resist. This is just my opinion, but I really think this one is the winner.
IMG_1268 RS
Be sure to come back on Friday (and Sunday since a few of my photos from this session will also show up there). Until then, have an incredible Wednesday!
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