December 22, 2011
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Shoot and Edit: Week 50 – Holiday Traditions…EDIT
Merry Christmas and welcome to the 50th week of Shoot and Edit: Part 2. Click HERE for all the details and upcoming prompts/themes (also including previous editing tutorials). This week’s theme or prompt was to show us one “Holiday Traditions” SOOC shot (this was just a suggestion, you can show us any SOOC shot). Hopefully you linked up with Jill’s blog earlier this week.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve nearly reached a year of shooting and editing. For the past 50 weeks, I have taken my SOOC shots and provided a simple/basic or advanced Photoshop/Photoshop Elements or Lightroom tutorial (or had guest tutorials).

Our goal all along for this challenge, was to be a learning experience. As a result, I feel like I have learned just as much from this community as I’ve taught…if not more. It never mattered what editing program you used, only that you made a commitment to improving your own work. I fully believe that we accomplished our goal and I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Although we do not plan to continue Shoot and Edit in it’s current platform next year, I do hope you’ll continue sharing what you’re learning with this community…especially since we all still have so much to learn.

With Christmas right around the corner, and most of our lessons behind us – let’s keep it simple this week and share a simple before and after. Here’s mine:
Christmas Tree 2011 Compare
Next week, I want to see a collage of your edited photos from the past year (you can decide if you include all or just your favorites). One of my favorite ways to make such a collage is through Big Huge Labs. Check it out if you have a chance before next week.
For your edit, I would love to see you continuing using the lessons we’ve covered in the past 49 weeks as well as apply today’s lesson or share something you’ve learned recently (I promise, I’ll update the main tutorial page with the latest lessons). I hope you all have a great Thursday and I look forward to seeing your edits. Next week’s theme is “Happy New Year.” Have a great Thursday and Merry Christmas!
Good to WOW

By the way, don’t forget to add your edited photo to our good to WOW {EDIT} Flickr Group (for those of you that prefer to upload and visit that way). When adding your photos to the group pool, be sure to include the Week #, the Theme and EDIT in the description section. You may upload one photo per week. I also want to point out that we are all here to improve our editing skills. When offering constructive criticism (either on Flickr or within blog comment sections), be sure to point out at least one thing you really like about the edit before offering any advice for improvement.