January 03, 2012
Categories: Mortal Muses
Fresh Pear
You may or may not know that I’m one of nine Mortal Muses. In fact, almost a year ago, I joined the Muses…hard to believe it’s been nearly a year. We’re currently musing on “fresh.” Interestingly enough, the first thing that came to mind was fruit. Be sure to click over to get the full picture. And while you’re there – consider joining us on Friday for our semi-monthly Mosaic Muse meme which will post on Friday. You can also submit your interpretations for upcoming prompt: winter in black and white to our Flickr pool.

Come back tomorrow to see my favorite images of Kitty Paw in 2011. And if you haven’t done so already, enter your Memories, Dreams and Reflections HERE. The linky will be open through January 15th.
Memories, Dreams and Reflections