January 13, 2012
Categories: Self-Portrait
I wish I could explain…
Ooops face RS
I really loved our Christmas card this year…but it took many a try before we got it right. Once I’d given my husband the green light to go back to his regular night of football (or whatever was on TV that night), I wanted to play around with my lights. I’d love to share a beautifully composed self portrait, but let’s be honest…that just isn’t Ashley Sisk. A photo demonstrating completely weirdness…yep, that’s me. 

By the way, our Christmas decorations are still up. The plan is to take them down this weekend. Maybe I’ll finish the scavenger hunt while I clean up? Oh yeah – I should also mention that I’m with a client all day….which means I won’t be in front of my computer much. I’ll be sure to catch up with you guys later. Have a great day and a great weekend!