January 04, 2012
Top 11 of 2011: Kitty Paw
Today I am linking up with Courtney of Click It Up a Notch, Amber of Click.Pray.Love and Sarah of NapTime MomTog to share some of my favorite photos of Kitty Paw from 2011 (since we don’t have any human babies yet). I hope you enjoy the look back as much as I did.
A Different View
January 2011
Looking back at this photo taken in January, I forget how interesting it can be to shoot the details. I love this unexpected view of my #1 girl.
Kitty Paw Valentine
February 2011
Remember Love Letters to Kitty Paw? I started up that contest on a whim and thought if more than 10 people enter, I’ll be shocked….so when 62 people entered, I was floored. I will definitely be relaunching Love Letters to Kitty Paw for a second year so be sure to come back next month for details. OR if you’re interested in sponsoring one of the prizes, please let me know!
Kitty Paw's Reflection
March 2011
This was one of my cell phone pictures. Kitty Paw regularly jumps up on the kitchen sink while I’m getting ready. She used to beg for water, but we’ve managed to get beyond that. This particular morning in March, she was giving herself the stare down.
Kitty Paw in the Sun 1 RS
April 2011
This might be my favorite photo of the year. I love the way the late day sun pours into our bedroom during the Spring months. Kitty Paw loves it too and was willing to go for a photo shoot.
Kitty Paw in the Closet RS
May 2011
One of Kitty Paw’s favorite places to hang out is in the downstairs’ closet on top of the big orange blanket. I don’t blame her…it’s a pretty cozy spot.
Upside Down RS
June 2011
Another sunny day…another opportunity to ham it up in front of the camera. I want to say that she was playing with one of my birthday bows (my mom makes giant bows from tons of colorful ribbon) when I pulled the camera out on her. She didn’t mind.
Kitty Paw and the Hippo RS
June 2011
Mr. Hippo here was a new toy at the time of this shot. I’ve learned that the best way for Kitty Paw to take any interest in her toys is if I roll them in cat nip. She was checking it out in this shot…but it kinda looks like she’s giving it a kiss.
On the Floor RS
July 2011
There’s nothing I love more than capturing Kitty Paw in mid-yawn. Most times it requires me to lay around while she licks herself clean…but it’s always worth it.
Negative Space Kitty Paw RS
August 2011
Do you remember that header picture of me doing the same thing. I swear Kitty Paw was mocking me with this shot.
Christmas Paw RS
November 2011
I didn’t really take a ton of photos this Christmas, but I did take this particular one of Kitty Paw before we loaded any presents under the tree. She actually wasn’t too happy with me when I did put presents under the tree, but she got over it.
Sleepy Paw
December 2011
Finally, after a year of taking photos, Kitty Paw is completely worn out. Maybe I’ll find something or someone else to take pictures of in 2012. By the way, just in case you’re interested…I found my Top 10 of 2010 – click HERE.
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