January 06, 2012
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Zan: Four-Month Old Sneak Peek
I did not plan to disappear yesterday…oops. Truth be told, my day job has picked up quite a bit lately and I was traveling/with a client the past couple of days – thus the reason I haven’t done much blog hopping, commenting or email returning. Sorry. But enough about me…
IMG_2836 RS
Last weekend, I met up with Zan for his four-month portraits. I was actually supposed to meet up with Zan just before Christmas but he was a bit sick, so we waited until last Friday. He much a much happier boy.
IMG_2847 RS
I decided to bring my string of white lights this time as a photo prop – I don’t know why I didn’t use these in any of my previous sessions. Zan loved being wrapped in lights and spent the early part of our session trying to eat them. Adorable.
IMG_2861 RS
One of my goals with this session was to capture a smiling baby. Although the above shot has a soft focus, I still love this happy face – I guess it helps that his mom was blowing bubbles into his neck. He loved it.
IMG_2868 RS
We also wanted to see how much he’d grown since his newborn session. I don’t think I included the newborn photos of Zan in the red basket, but I’ll tell you that he never fit perfectly into the basket…just too big. At four-months old, he can now sit up in the basket.
IMG_2908 RS
Zan’s mom says she thinks this is her favorite age so far – he’s so alert and curious. He’s especially curious about his hands and feet. Whenever we laid him back so I could take some overhead shots, he’d always throw his hands in his mouth.
IMG_2951 RS
He’s also gotten pretty good at playing pat-a-cake. In the shot above, while I do love Zan’s eyes, I think I love the hint of a smile you see on his mother’s face. You can clearly see the love in her face.
IMG_2959 RS
So that’s all for Zan now – I’ll see him again right around Valentine’s Day for his six-month portrait session. If anyone has any cute ideas I should try with him, let me know. In the meantime, have an incredible day and weekend.
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