March 19, 2012
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Adeline: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
Adeline: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
Last weekend, I met up with Adeline at Peace College for her nine-month portrait session. It felt so good to be outside on a beautiful day with my camera…and to have a beautiful little girl like Adeline to photograph was a huge bonus.
IMG_4554 RS
Her eyes alone are enough to make you go mushy. I am secretly hoping that my baby’s eyes are blue like my husband’s. Not that I don’t love my brown eyes…but who doesn’t love beautiful blue eyes?
IMG_4497 RS
In the spirit of Spring, Adeline was properly dressed in a pretty new Easter dress. I’m not sure she really cared what she was wearing as long as she could chew on the Easter basket.
IMG_4593 RS
What’s fun about this age is that babies are starting to stand on their own…or with the assistance of a tree, bench, etc. We thought we’d give this tree a shot.
IMG_4648 RS
We also thought it might be pretty to capture her in the flower bed, in front of Peace’s main building. This meant getting out in some pretty harsh sun (our photo session was at 1:30 pm). Luckily, I brought my reflector and was able to redirect some of that sun…or bounce it around a bit. If you don’t have a reflector, I fully encourage you to get one. In most cases, you can pick them up for under $15.
IMG_4726 RS
One of our goals (her mother and I) since my first session with Adeline six months ago, has been to capture a smile. I swear babies can me some of my more difficult clients to capture smiling. We almost got it while she was hanging onto a railing.
IMG_5093 BW RS
Then finally, we let her play at the water fountain’s edge for a bit (okay so these photos are slightly out of order). There’s that smile…completely worth the wait!
IMG_5021 RS
So that’s all for now – I hope you enjoyed a little preview of what I think turned out to be a beautiful session. You’ll have to come back in three months to see her first birthday photos. If you have any ideas for that session, I’d love to hear them. Have a great Monday!