June 29, 2012
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Mack: Six-Week Old Sneak Peek
Mack: Six-Week Old Sneak Peek
Last weekend, I had my last client portrait session before going on my photography maternity leave. Interestingly enough, it was a “newborn” session…or rather a six-week old session. Meet Mack!
IMG_7453 BW RS
Mack is my friend Pam’s second son. You may remember his older brother, Judah – I was just at his 2nd birthday in November…just weeks before I found out I was expecting.
IMG_7518 RS
Unfortunately, I did not shoot Judah’s newborn photos. I think I was just getting into photography when he was born. However, based on what Pam tells me…little Mack looks almost identical to his older brother.
IMG_7490 RS
I should also mention that Pam is such a natural when it comes to motherhood. Last weekend, she looked absolutely beautiful (which gives me hope for myself six weeks post-partum) and calm. I guess it helped that we had a really nice day to work with…unlike the 100+ degree temperatures that we’re going into the next few days. Booo!
IMG_7491 BW RS
For most of our session, Mack just wanted to sleep. He did not like being positioned, but he loved to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy…and ME! One of my favorite things about photographing babies is being allowed to hold the little ones. The bigger I get, the more I’m convinced that I’m carrying a mini-giant, but holding baby Mack…I’m reminded of how tiny they can be.
IMG_7555 RS
Mack was quite funny when he did wake up. Although he wasn’t a huge fan of being on his belly (at least for this session), he loved laying on the blanket and looking around. He even showed me his best super hero moves. Future Superman anyone?
IMG_7744 RS
I know you were starting to get curious – here’s a shot of the happy family. We had to pull Judah away from his toy truck for this shot. Can you tell he’s not completely happy about this photo op?
IMG_7661 RS
But we were able to make up for it by having a little photo session of our own. Isn’t he such a big boy for sitting on the railing of the bridge by himself? Peek-a-boo!
IMG_7816 RS
With that said, I think that’s all I’ll share of Mack for now – don’t be surprised if he or Judah turn up in the Scavenger Hunt (Sweet, Hanging Around, Funny Face…maybe?). Until then, have a great weekend and stay cool!