July 21, 2012
Categories: Felicity, My Pregnancy
The Nursery
I promised many weeks ago that I would share pictures of Felicity’s nursery. I never imagined that that preview would come after her birth, but I do like to keep my promises. Here’s a wide look at the entire room.
Nursery Numbered
  1. Pewter crib by Bratt Decor. I love that it looks vintage. Of course, Felicity has yet to spend a night in her crib. 
  2. The bedding was custom made by a local seamstress. We found the fabric at a fabric outlet in town. I wanted something that was playful…but I didn’t want it to scream NURSERY or GIRL. Most of my college friends would have expected pinks and greens. Surprise! – I went a different direction.
  3. Rocker and ottoman by Best Home Furnishings. This chair caused a lot of drama over the past couple of months, but I’ve been sworn to keep the details of the drama quiet. We actually have three “best chairs” in our home – a recliner in our den, a hand-me-down rocker in our bedroom and now this chair in the nursery. Considering how comfy these chairs are…and how much Felicity loves to rock, I’m thankful we have so many options. 
  4. The little bookshelf and table/lamp combo are included in #4…and both pieces were part of my childhood bedroom. I’m waiting to add a picture of our family in the frame on the little bookshelf. I think it’s pretty awesome that the colors from my childhood bedroom coordinate so beautifully with her nursery. Okay, confession…I think I’ve been using this shade of yellow in my bedroom since I was a little girl so of course the colors coordinate. 
  5. Custom valance. I love the idea of long curtains for nurseries, but those bad boys are expensive. I think these valances dress up the windows just enough. 
  6. We paired our pewter crib with a black dresser and changing table (seen below). With my mom’s business, she used to sell nursery furniture. When that part of her business closed, and I was moving into my first apartment, she gave me the dresser and changing table to put in my bedroom. I love that neither piece screams “baby” so Felicity will be able to grow up with these pieces…at least until a little brother or sister comes along and needs nursery furniture.
Nursery Collage
So that’s a preview of Felicity’s nursery. I’m sure I left out plenty of details so feel free to ask me questions if you have any. Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow during Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Have a great weekend!