August 24, 2012
Zan turns ONE YEAR OLD!
Zan turns ONE YEAR OLD!
On Wednesday, I met up with Zan for his one year old portrait session. I’ve been photographing Zan for the past year. I’ve literally watched him grow up in front of my camera lens, but I still can’t believe he’s already a year old.

Child Portrait, Tractor

It was also my first day back “on the job” since having Felicity…and “take your daughter to work” day for me. Typically, when I have an appointment or need to get out of the house, my husband will keep Felicity for an hour or two. He would have done the same for this session, but we had to reschedule and his schedule didn’t allow. She was really good (well she stayed asleep) for most of the session. Then, while I was trying to photograph Zan smash his birthday cake, she finally came unglued. What’s a new mom to do? Well, I picked her up…threw her on my hip and kept shooting.

Child Portrait, Teeth

I can’t wait that I plan on taking Felicity to work again any time soon (especially during today’s newborn session), but I do hope to be photographing Zan again…even if I can’t keep up with him anymore.

Child Portrait, crawl

That’s right – Zan started walking two or three weeks ago and hasn’t slowed down since. Most of the session, I was lucky to capture the back of his head as he ran past me. Not that I didn’t capture plenty of sweet shots, but he made me work hard for my money. No worries, I needed the workout.

Child Portrait, Eyes

There are a few poses that are my go-to for children…one of which is the look up shot. Zan has the prettiest blue eyes, so I definitely wanted a look up shot. I think I got one during our time together – well one that’s in focus. All you need is one!

Child Portrait, Raleigh, NC

Needless to say, I had a great time getting back behind the camera again this week. I still have so many more photos to cull through (including the cake smash photos), but Felicity only allowed me a few short minutes to pull my favorites. I hope you enjoyed the first look. With that said, I gotta prepare for my newborn session a little later today. Have a great Friday!