September 26, 2012
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September Quarterly Top 5 Link Up!
September Quarterly Top 5 Link Up!
Wittle People Wednesday is taking a break this week to make room for the Quarterly Top 5 Link Up! I hope all of you mothers, of furry friends and children alike, have searched through your third quarter photos and are ready to share them with Amber, Sarahand myself. If you’re not sure what I am talking about scroll down to the bottom of this post to read all of the details. And be sure to come back next week for another edition of Wittle People Wednesday.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September…I mean, I have a three month old! Just after our last link up, I was planning to have a month off. Silly me, I thought I’d have time to relax before the birth of my daughter. She certainly had other plans, didn’t she? Anyways, it’s time for me (and YOU) to share your TOP 5 Favorite Photos from July to Septmber.  This time around, you won’t see much of Kitty Paw. But for what I lack in Kitty Paw, you’ll see plenty of Felicity. Here they are in no particular order:

IMG_8018 RS
This was one of the first photos I took when we came home from the hospital (July 2nd). We didn’t have any preemie gowns at the time, so we made due with one of our newborn gowns (see how it’s rolled up a couple of times in the sleeves). Actually, this is the photo we used for our birth announcement.

Our Little Family RS
This was taken when Felicity was about three weeks old (July 16th) by my friend, Sarah Halstead (with my camera). I thought it was our only picture together as a family. Then, my mother-in-law presented me with a picture she took of us together at the hospital. What a wonderful and unexpected gift. Thanks so much Pam!

My husband tells me that this is HIS favorite shot of Felicity because it’s what we see on a daily basis…that hand and tongue moving all the time (taken July 29th – 1 month old). Most babies let you know they are hungry by moving their tongue or smacking their lips. Felicity does it NON-STOP so we have to watch for other cues. She’s actually developed a bit of her own baby sign language which includes a punching motion towards her mouth. Either way, we both love this shot.

I think this one is my favorite photo of Felicity so far, taken August 28th (almost 2 months old). I’ve attempted “photo shoots” with Felicity, but they never seem to work out. I’ve learned it’s best just to keep the camera fairly close and wait for those picture-worthy moments. This is one of them. Sure it’s a snapshot, but the look on her face is priceless.

Finally, this is my favorite photo from September (September 14th to be exact). I asked my husband to help me take a photo I saw on Facebook. It didn’t exactly work out as planned, but he was able to capture this shot. I love how blue her eyes and I’m hopeful that they’ll stick!

Now show us your Top 5!!! Amber of Click Pray Love, Sarah Halstead, and I want to see them. Here’s how it works:

  • Linky begins Wednesday, September 26th through Wednesday, October 3rd
  • Go through your July, August and September 2012 photo archives.
  • Choose your favorite FIVE photos and post them to your blog or Flickr account beginning September 26th
  • PLEASE only use photos that include your CHILDREN and/or PETS
  • Accompany each photo with a short explanation (or caption) of why it was selected
  • Link up with Amber at Click.Pray.Love, & Sarah at NapTime MomTog, or me at Ramblings and Photos