October 19, 2012
Nurture Photography: Orange/Warmth
Nurture Photography: Orange/Warmth
Today I’m linking up with the Nurture Photography Autumn Challenge – third week in a row baby! This week’s prompt is orange or warmth. Between the changing leaves in my front yard and a trip to the pumpkin patch, I managed to work it out.
Can’t really go wrong with an orange leaf, can you?

On that note, you can’t really go wrong with a shot of a cute baby either. Felicity didn’t know what was coming when I started redressing her the other day in this cute pumpkin outfit. We have a matching pumpkin cap but she wasn’t really having it – maybe another day.

Finally, a blurred image. I think I love this one the most. You really can’t go wrong with autumn bokeh!

Nurture Photography Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge