January 29, 2013
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Tutorial Tuesday: Choosing Photos for a Collaged iPhone Case (Guest Post)
Today, I thought I’d do something different. A little tutorial of sorts. Jen Lopez is starting up a new blog and asked if she could contribute some content to my blog. Since I seem to only blog two days a week anymore, I thought it might be nice to add a fresh perspective. Here she describes a few tips on choosing photos for a photo collage iPhone case. I’ll update the post with her website once she gets everything up and running. Thanks again Jen!

Creating a photo collage for your iPhone case has become a fashionable trend recently thanks to the use of digital technology in place with premier online printing companies. Any photo files from your computer can be transferred and applied to a custom iPhone case by using a site like Tiny Prints. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Here are some examples of how this new, statement making, design is being used. If you have other suggestions, be sure to add them in the comments.

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    • Family – This of course is the obvious. What Mom, or Dad, would not like bragging rights to the kid’s right on the cover of the phone to be shown to all who will look. Want to see more? They are easily accessible right on your phone in the camera roll.
    • Hobby Photos – If you are a gardener your may want a collage of your most beautiful blooms to adorn your iPhone. A cook might like a collage of ingredients that make up a special gourmet creation. A fisherman, hunter or other outdoors person may want a theme related to those hobbies and a golfer may do the same with golf photos. If bird watching is your passion that is an easy choice. Don’t have the best photos? Try searching Pinterest to find some new interesting photos.
    • Favorite Sport, Team or Star – Your iPhone could have a collage related to your favorite team, or even a particular player if you are a big fan.  
    • Favorite musician or group – Did you get great close up shots at the last concert? Maybe even a meeting back stage. Show off the special event on your iPhone case. Add he band logo for a special attention grabber. Most bands, like my favorite – The Red Hot Chili Peppers, will have a photo gallery on their website another good place to grab photos from.
    • Pets and animals – You could put a collage of your dog or cat or any favorite pet pics. That way they are with you no matter where you are.

There are many other choices you could make for a photo collage to adorn your iPhone case. A vacation in Paris, New York or any picturesque place may be a consideration as would a collage from a custom car or boat show. How about the carnival, circus or even the zoo? Whatever you like or whatever makes you feel good can become part of your everyday routine. The only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

With that said, I should probably make my own iPhone case now. I’ve always thought I should do one, but with Felicity changing everyday, I haven’t been able to choose a favorite. This was helpful. Thanks Jen!

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