February 13, 2013
Wittle People Wednesday
Wittle People Wednesday
Welcome back to Wittle People Wednesday. I hope you all are having a great week…we certainly are. And while I don’t have a lot to report, I do have some new photos…so let’s get right to it (after the rules of course).

If this is your first time linking up, I only have two rules (and one suggestion):

1) Only share photos you took yourself.
2) Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.
3) Suggestion: copy and paste my new button to your blog so others know you’re participating.

I should also mention that your “wittle ones” can include your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and/or clients…as long as you were the one holding the camera. I fully recognize that “wittle ones” vary in age – so feel free to link up whoever you think of as “wittle.”
IMG_8880 RS
You saw our official “Valentine’s Day Card” on Sunday. Here’s another shot from our session. I love the look on her face.

At the Park Collage
Last Wednesday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the lake. Of course I brought my camera…and then handed it off to my husband. She’s a little young to play on the playground by herself, but we still had fun.

IMG_8962 RS
This weekend, Felicity’s Maw Maw and Paw Paw came to visit. We went to church and dinner together on Saturday night. Felicity even went back to the nursery for the first time. Okay, so I went with her…baby steps. On Sunday, I made sure to put Felicity in her I Heart You onesie that her cousin, Alyssa, gave her for Christmas. Thanks Alyssa.

IMG_8965 RS
Anyways, that’s all I have for you now. We’re off to visit Felicity’s other set of grandparents today, but in the meantime…feel free to share photos of your wittle people. And of course, have a great day!

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