May 10, 2013
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Kellie & Justin: Maternity Session Preview
Kellie & Justin: Maternity Session Preview
In the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some of my dearest friends. And today’s beautiful pregnant lady is no exception. Kellie and I went to Peace College together…even lived together. Now, she and her husband are expecting their first child, a little girl, in July.
IMG_9612 RS
Even though she’s still nine weeks out, we decided to go ahead and photograph her growing belly…you know, while she is still enjoying being pregnant vs. waiting a few weeks to allow exhaustion to set in. I believe I had my maternity photos taken at 32 weeks, and considering Felicity was five weeks early…I was glad I did. I’m pretty sure Kellie had that in mind when she planned her photos early as well.

However, even if she had waited until later to be photographed – I hear of way too many pregnant women say that they don’t want a camera to come close to them. Perhaps they don’t feel beautiful…maybe they feel fat. Whatever the case, I must tell you that you are beautiful and growing a baby is so worth remembering.
IMG_9648 RS
We decided to meet up at American Tobacco Campus for a more “urban” take on maternity. All week, we watched the weather – just hoping that the rain would hold out. I assured Kellie that I would almost rather have an overcast day for the even lighting, but I would bring my umbrella just in case. Well, the rain did hold out…and I got my wish for an overcast day.
IMG_9664 RS
This was actually the first time that Kellie has seen me “working” as a photographer. She already knew I was crazy, but I’m not sure she realized how crazy I could get in order to capture the shot. Even still, she was willing to go with whatever I had in mind. As a result, I think we captured some really beautiful moments.
IMG_9678 RS I actually think that many of these “poses” would work for any couple, but I love how they showcase this couple’s love for each other…and the love that they will have for their new baby. What they don’t know yet is that the love they think they have for her is only a fraction of what it’ll become.
IMG_9690 RS
In particular, Justin has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. I don’t think any man really does until that baby is born – that is when they truly become a daddy.
IMG_9770 RSjpg
Meanwhile, I believe that women become mothers almost immediately. Kellie has certainly fallen quite naturally into that role. By the way, I mentioned earlier that it was an overcast day. It was also quite chilly. I bet you would never have known that if I didn’t tell you – gotta love Photoshop!
IMG_9809 BW RS
With all that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this session and I can’t wait to meet Baby Lillie. Thanks Kellie and Justin!