May 24, 2013
Mack Turns One!
Mack Turns One!
It’s very common for friends to lose touch after high school or college. However, one of the perks of being a photographer is that several of my friends now hire me to photograph their families. In the case of my friend Pam, I get to photograph her family twice a year – once in the spring since her youngest was born in the May…and once in the fall since her oldest was born in November. It’s a pretty sweet deal.
IMG_9718 RS
With that said, I met up with Pam’s family last Saturday afternoon to photograph Mack’s first birthday party…and to capture a few family moments.
IMG_9741 RS
Mack is a month and a half older than Felicity. For whatever reason, that month and a half makes a huge difference. That little boy was EVERYWHERE! I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently he raced around their house.
IMG_9757 RS
He also made me work for a smile. Most of my shots of him are rather serious (I thought only my kid did that). And his older brother, Judah, wasn’t much easier on me. I really should start bringing bribes with me…you know, when farty noises no longer work.
IMG_9766 bw RS
But enough of me talking – we had such a good time, that I thought I’d share a bit of our day…including the ever popular…cupcake smash!
IMG_9759 RS

IMG_9800 RS

IMG_9858 RS

IMG_9882 RS

IMG_9958 RS

IMG_9932 bw RS

IMG_9991 RS

Cake Smash collage 1

IMG_0057 RS

Cake Smash collage 2

IMG_0080 RS
Thanks again Mack for inviting me to your birthday party. I look forward to seeing you again this fall!

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