June 05, 2013
Playtime with Emily
Playtime with Emily
This past weekend, I had two portrait sessions…one of which was with Miss Emily. Now, I would normally be posting pictures of Felicity during our beach vacation. However, as I started getting into this session, I couldn’t help but edit a few…which turned into a complete preview of our day together. So, vacation photos will have to wait.
IMG_0589 RS
Emily is an intelligent, beautiful and witty two and a half year old. I say witty because she told her mother before she arrived that she would allow Miss Ashley to take one photo and walk away. LOL…kids…so funny.
IMG_0635 RS
I’ve known Emily’s family for a few years now. Her daddy and my husband have worked together for a number of years. Emily looks just like her daddy…in my opinion. Sometime during the winter, Emily’s mother contacted me about my availability this spring. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to “shoot” Emily once the weather warmed up a bit.
IMG_0733 RS
And warm up it did. North Carolina is infamous for skipping spring and jumping straight into summer. I was thankful for the cloud coverage and a cool breeze.
IMG_0796 RS
What took a little longer to warm up was my little friend Emily. I never know what I’ll get when I’m going to photograph a child. Just a day earlier (I’ll share a preview of those photos on Friday I think), I photographed a family with a two year old and a six year old. They had me running everywhere. Emily, on the other hand, was much calmer.
IMG_0897 RS
As we walked along, she told me everything from her favorite color…to the sounds of various animals. Within minutes, we were BFFs. We even turned on the music for a little dance party before hitting the playground.
IMG_0942 RS
Once at the playground, I’m pretty sure that Emily forgot I was there to photograph her.
IMG_0946 RS
In fact, we both took several trips down the slide. She thought it was hilarious that I went right after her…and then insisted that I do it again. I already have a hard time saying no…especially to cute toddlers.
IMG_0999 RS
With that said, I had an incredible timing playing (and shooting) Emily. It’s clients like her that remind me why I left corporate America to be at home with my little girl…and become a photographer. I hope you enjoyed the preview!

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