July 31, 2013
Felicity and Maddie go to the Farm
Felicity and Maddie go to the Farm
Welcome back to Wittle People Wednesday! I completely meant for this post to launch at midnight, but we are going through a bit of a transition right now. Felicity is right in that in between 1-2 nap cycle. Just when I think she’ll be fine with one nap for the day, she’ll get tired late in the afternoon and want to nap before dinner…which then throws off the entire night. She did this to me yesterday and by 9 pm, I was completely worn out. I mean, it’s one thing if she goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 at night – that gives me a couple of hours before I turn into a pumpkin to edit, write, whatever. But she she’s not going down until after 9 at night, I’ve lost all abilities to do anything productive. It makes me laugh when I think about how tired I was a year ago – that was nothing!

So that’s my excuse for today. Let’s get to the photos. If this is your first time linking up, I only have two rules (and one suggestion):

1) Only share photos you took yourself (or photos taken of you – be sure to give credit to your photographer).
2) Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.
3) Suggestion: copy and paste my new button to your blog so others know you’re participating.

I should also mention that your “wittle ones” can include your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and/or clients…as long as you were the one holding the camera. I fully recognize that “wittle ones” vary in age – so feel free to link up whoever you think of as “wittle.”

With that said, I’d love to share some photos from a couple of weeks ago. My friend, Michelle, and I went out to Horseshoe Farm for a photo op with our girls. Ideally, we would have gone out there during the golden hour, but Felicity turns into a miniature monster around dinner time, so we went during peak humidity…and Maddie’s nap time. I tell ya what, we’ll figure it all out one of these days.
7-22-2013_Maddie Beach_988 RS
In a recent Scavenger Hunt, you saw that I brought our wagon along. The girls loved it…and Felicity was happy to show us her mad waving skills.
7-22-2013_Maddie Beach_992 RS
Meanwhile, you could tell that Maddie was starting to get tired. You see, we’d already spent that morning going to the library for storytime…then lunch…and now photos.
IMG_4031 bw RS
See that dazed look – it’s as if she’s saying, “going…going…gone.”
7-22-2013_Maddie Beach_1020 RS
And there she goes. If only Felicity would take a nap in the wagon (if Felicity had been tired…she just would have cried until I picked her up). Poor thing.
IMG_4039 RS
Rather than allow the poor child to take a nap, we got them out of the wagon and let them explore the farm.
IMG_4045 RS
I think this was actually the day that Felicity decided that she needed to learn how to pick herself off the ground withing pulling up on anything.
IMG_4060 RS
Look at her face. One, she wants me. Two, she can’t figure out how Maddie is able to fall and then pick herself back up with a smile on her face. By the way, Maddie decided to wake up to explore.
IMG_4064 RS
I have an equal number of photos where Miss Madeline was crying, but I’ll let Michelle share them. You’d think that my kid is always crying – I promise she’s not the only one.
IMG_4134 RS
For example, here is Maddie crying. She really is so worn out. Meanwhile, Felicity thinks it’s funny. Evil child.
Maddie and Felicity - Tutus RS
Just a little evidence that a happy shot like this one comes at a cost. Buyer beware!

With that said, come back on Friday for a preview of my session with Miss Bellamy…she’s six months old! I may also post a few more photos of Felicity on the farm tomorrow (or next week depending on a number of factors). And of course I’ll be back on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt. Have a great week!

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