July 15, 2013
The “H” Family – Portrait Session Preview
The “H” Family – Portrait Session Preview
Last week, I met up with the “H” family for some family portraits.
IMG_3184 bw RS
Chris’ inlaws were visiting from Sweden – what better time to take family photos than when the entire family is in town.
IMG_3199 RS
Interestingly enough, our session became much less about the family once Lukas (the two year old) let us know who was really in charge.
IMG_3213 RS
Don’t get me wrong, Lukas is absolutely adorable, but he’s one of those clients that really puts me to work. He did the usual “I’m not going to smile for the camera,” and then threw in a twist by distancing himself from the rest of the family. Notice how he stands away from everyone else.
IMG_3228 RS
Rather than fight it, we decided to roll with it.
IMG_3252 BW RS
I spent a lot of time chasing him around with my camera. I even tried giving him my lens cap as a distraction (works on Felicity).
IMG_3317 RS
My new favorite trick…asking him if he wants to take a picture. All you have to do is allow the child to press your shutter button. He thought this idea was pretty neat and allowed me to take a few photos of him as my reward.
IMG_3368 RS
This did NOT mean he would smile…just that I could take his photo. Silly boy.
IMG_3610 RS
Luckily, Lukas has an aunt and cousins who are willing to smile for the camera.
IMG_3657 RS
An aunt and cousins (and mama…papa) who absolutely adore him. Spoiled much?
IMG_3676 RS
If only I could bottle up all the joy that I experienced in this family. I’m quite used to singing to get children to pay attention to me. That said, I can’t compete with sweet Swedish lullabies.
IMG_3695 RS
Instead, I’ve got silly photography poses. Yes…I brought out the jumping shot. Lukas really thought this was funny. I think it’s even funnier that he’s the only one not jumping.
IMG_3856 bw RS
Good times. With that said, I hope you enjoyed the preview. I still have so many more favorites left to edit, but I do hope this gives you a taste of our afternoon together. Thanks again “H” family. I can’t wait to see you again soon!

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