The “T” Family – Portrait Session Preview
The “T” Family – Portrait Session Preview
On Sunday, I met up with a family that I haven’t seen in 18 months. In that time, Sebastian has turned two years old…and will be a big brother in a few months. With so much to celebrate, it was certainly time for a photo session.
IMG_2483 RS
We started our session off with some photos of the expecting mother. Sebastian needed a little time to warm up, so while he ran off to explore with his daddy, I caught up with his mommy.
IMG_2499 RS
I will hopefully be photographing baby Lincoln when he arrives this fall. I know he’s going to be just as cute as his older brother – Sebastian was (still is) such a beautiful baby.
IMG_2522 RS
After a little while, Sebastian came over to see what we were up to. We thought this might be our chance to capture a few “mommy and me” moments. I especially love the shot on the left.
IMG_2658 RS
We also wanted to capture some photos of the entire family. Sebastian wasn’t quite sure he wanted to be seen smiling…but I think I still managed to capture a smirk.
IMG_2711 bw RS
However, even without a smile, he’s so handsome.
IMG_2767 RS
And there’s that smirk I talked about. He seemed to be much happier “doing” something. If only I had the energy to keep up with him.
IMG_2751 RS
Speaking of doing something…I had this vision of Sebastian running with the American flag trailing behind him (kind of like a super hero). Sebastian kinda liked this idea.
IMG_2821 RS
I don’t blame him – I prefer action shots over posed shots too. But, let’s be honest…don’t we all love this posed shot of the family. It needs to be blown up for sure!
IMG_2870 RS
While they’re at it, they need to make sure this shot gets framed. Love it!
IMG_3031 RS
IMG_3018 RS
I could go on and on. Thanks “T” family for reconnecting with me. Your growing family is so beautiful and I can’t wait to meet the newest member this October.

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