Liam: 9 Month Old Preview
Liam: 9 Month Old Preview
Before I get to today’s preview, I thought I’d mention that this post almost didn’t make it…at least not yet. You see, late Tuesday afternoon after my session with Liam, I had the beginnings of mastitis. I was in denial and made myself believe that it was just a clogged duct…until Wednesday afternoon when I had a 101.4 degree fever, chills and felt like curling up in a ball to die. At this point, it was time to throw in the towel and call my doctor. And thank God I did. The nurse at my doctor’s office sent in a prescription – to which I started taking antibiotics an hour later…and I’m happy to report I’m feeling a lot better today. Better enough to edit photos and post previews.

With that said, I mentioned on Wednesday’s post that I met up with Liam for his nine month portrait session on Tuesday morning. I always enjoy photographing Liam (and his mother). He’s such a happy kid. I also think that nine months is a relatively easy time frame to photograph babies. Most of them can sit up, but don’t go anywhere. It’s wonderful.

Anyways, enough of my talking – let’s get to the photos.
IMG_7888 RS

IMG_7876 RS

IMG_7859 bw RS

IMG_7911 RS

IMG_7941 RS

IMG_7999 bw RS

IMG_8022 RS

IMG_8037 bw RS

IMG_8051 RS

IMG_8106 RS

IMG_8231 bw RS

IMG_8318 RS

IMG_8402 RS
I hope you enjoyed today’s preview…and I hope you don’t mind my lack of commentary today. If I don’t see ya before, I’ll see ya on Sunday for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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