August 08, 2013
Mother/Daughter Session at Horse Shoe Farm
Mother/Daughter Session at Horse Shoe Farm
Yesterday, I mentioned that I had more photos of Felicity and myself that I feel are worth sharing…if for no one else than myself, my mom and my mother-in-law (and maybe Michelle St. John-Grover since she took the photos). Enjoy.
Felicity 863 RS
Dear Felicity,
Felicity 860 BW RS
I waited my entire life to be your mama. Now thirteen months old and I’m still in awe of you. Sure you look like your daddy, but you’re my baby girl.
Felicity 833 RS
I can’t get enough of watching you explore your world. Through your eyes I get to see the wonder of God’s creation anew.
Felicity 841 RS
Every day feels like Christmas morning. I wake up to see your sweet face and I quietly lay still so you can rest a little while longer. Even when I’m exhausted, I can’t help but giggle at the silly words you say right as you’re waking up.
Felicity 831 RS
When your feet hit the floor, you take off. It’s hard to believe that just over a month ago, you were still trying to figure out this “walking thing,” and now you’re ready to run.
Felicity 819 RS
I just wish I knew what was going on in that little head of yours. I can see the wheels spinning. You’re so curious…so smart.
Felicity 715 RS
…and so beautiful. Part of me wishes you looked a little more like me, but I love your baby blue eyes and blonde hair. You are more beautiful than I ever imagined.
Felicity 728 bw RS
One day…many years from now, I hope you will want to spend time with me as much as you do right now.
Felicity 714 RS
Until then, I promise not to refuse your snuggles. I promise to hold you and kiss you and love you whether you’re happy, sad or mad.
Felicity 713 bw RS
I will be here every day, watching you grow and learn, explore and create, play and destroy.
Felicity 712 RS
I want you to be exactly who God intended you to be…today, tomorrow and years from now. I love you always.

Love, Mama